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Fireworks This week in Cannes

History –

Since 1967, the bay of Cannes is strongly linked with colours and sounds of fireworks. There are all the time novelty and technical improvements which let us enter in an outdoor show where all the ages can find pleasure.

The International Cannes Fireworks Festival is inked in the memories of strong emotion and gorgeous display fans, but also in the history of pyrotechnicians, creators of pyrotechnical events.
Security Rules and precise organisation have to be respected by us. The Working rhythm imposed to the pyrotechnicians is hard: Working at night, imagination, creativity… The competition for the Vestal, the Jury Prize and the Public Prize are the main axes of the Festival and the pyrotechnicians. Of course, the reception and the organisation of the public is not forgotten, in fact, it is the real value of the Festival: the mix between artists and public.

The selected firms have to present a project of pyrotechnical show with music. The theme is chosen freely and the show has to last 25 minutes minimum. In order to respect the security rules about bombs and set up, the firms have to provide us all the documents which are listed in the requirement. They have to respect the maximum calibre and the different style of bombs. The links between the pyrotechnical effects and the musical themes presented have a specific importance. We pay a strong attention to the quality of the soundtrack and we are really interested by new fireworks.

The Palais des Festivals will install a high quality and high power sound system, so that every spectator will enjoy the show. The sound control computer is located on the Croisette, next to the Palais Stéphanie (former Hilton palace).

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